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CSR Cell


  • Health
  • Quality Education (e-learning)
  • Safe Drinking Water
  • Women Empowerment
  • Agriculture and Livestock Development
  • Swach Bharat Abhiyan
  • Environment and Water Resources Rejuvenation


Quality Education& infrastructure project at School & Anganwadis

Total 10 set up installed atZilhaParishad School Almost 90% children have started using E-learning by themselves. Beautificationof 4 Anganwadis is done So, Attendance at Anganwadi improved up to 100%.Teachers trainings conducted to improve teaching practices.

Health & Nutrition Awareness camps and activities

Session with women on nutrional process&development of Kitchen gardens are conducted. Workshops with adolescent girls on menstrual hygiene& understanding of Gender are conducted. Distribution of Sanitary Pads & undergarments to the tribalgirls and women is done.

Drinking water projects

Under Drinking water project water supply system was installed at two villages i.e. Changyacha pada & Chafyachiwadi. Both the projects are carried out in partnership & contribution of government. For Changyacha Pada & chafyachi wadi the contribution was 50% &20% from the side of government respectively.

Quilt Making Project

Women empowerment: Women taken initiative to purchase raw material by themselves. Women started their own manufacturing & outlet centre at village & taking complete responsibility for it to pay rent. Urja Group have set the target to connect more 50 women & give them employment .Women have started taking initiatives for the selling of quilts through phone call enquiries. They received order from India Mart ( A big online marketing platform.) Total turnover of the group is above 6 lakhs & more than 1000 quilts are manufactured.

Capacity building training with NGOs

Through capacity building of the NGOs, MDL CSR is making Indirect impact in social work sector through making NGOs more equipped& technically ancient.Total 3 trainings are organized in last one year of 2016 -17 for the NGOs working in Thane district& nearby Rural Areas.

Need Identification & follow up for project at ITI, Shenave

Constant follow up & meetings with the ITIShenave was carried out & obtained the letter for the permission to contribute for ITIdevelopment. Toilet construction, safe drinking water, Building renovation & arrangement of water facility will be carried out.

Veterinary Camp In collaboration with Govt .dept and promotions of the livestock

Organized HealthCheck-up camps for livestock & provision of medicines. Total 3 health check-up camps were organized periodically. Village level campaign against freed animals organized.


Mushroom cultivation started with 25 tribal farmers & till date 50 kg mushroom is cultivated & sold. Char sutri rice cultivation executed with 55 farmers to improve the overall yield of rice.

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan & Waste Management Activities are organized. Toilet Constructions and Awareness

44 individual toilets constructed under swachh bharat abhiyan with participation of household owners. Sanitation as a primary need of the household was fulfilled. Toilets renovation & construction carried out in 8 ZilhaParishad schools.

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