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CSR Cell


  • Agriculture Based Livelihood
  • Environment and Water Resources Rejuvenation
  • Safe Drinking Water
  • Health and Education
  • Quality Education (e-learning)
  • Women Empowerment
  • Agriculture and Livestock Development
  • Swach Bharat Abhiyaan


Distribution of fodder at rohatwadi camp and village level to 1000 cattle(Parner, Shikharwai and Kutewadi andRohatwadi Fodder Camp in 2016, 16 kg per farmer per animal)

1000 Cattles (Cows & buffalo) got benefited and that leads to increase in milk by an average of 1Ltr per cattle per day.

Expenses reduced and income increased.

Expenses of fodder were reduced by an average amount of Rs 400. Increased milk production by 750 mili. Monthly income increased by Rs.600/ per farmer. Fodder management, agriculture & allied activities–Veterinary camp for almost 1000 cattle is organized

Fruit Tree plantation

Total 33207 fruit tree has been distributed among 1013 farmers of 8 villages of Patoda Block. Each farmer has received an average of 33 trees including mix type of fruit trees such as Hybrid Mango (Kesar), Local Mango, Custard Apple, Lemon trees and Tamarind etc.

All family members took efforts and dug pits through ‘Shramdaan’ till the end of May month of 2016. It has been measured that 1013 farmers have done ‘Shramdaan’ which is costing an average of Rs. 21,72,885/-. (Cost per pit Rs.65*33 digs per farmers*1013 farmers).

The overall survival rate was 80.8% in which local mango and hybrid mango had the highest percentage with 94.3% and 90% respectively.

Drumstick plantation at Kutewadi village: 5700 plants planted by 20 farmers of a Farmer Group In January 2017

Tree plantation at common places or roadside

Completed plantation of 1000 trees in September 2016 by using technical guidance of Personnel of Agriculture office, ZilhaParishad.

800 Trees at Yewalewadi to Parner Road & Internal Part of Parner and 200 trees have been planted by Farmers of Parner, Kutewadi& Shikharwadi.

60% means Total 600 trees are survived till the month of May 2017.

Renovation and sludge removal of village well

Cleaning, deepening and sludge removal of village pond

10 Water tanks for drumstick farmers.

Farmers producer company of 16 farmers group

200 farmers are connected to ATMA which is government agency

306 soil samples are given for soil testing to RCF.

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